Over the weekend Rob and I walked along the Southbank during the Thames Festival, genially pushing through the throng on our way to the Royal Festival Hall to see Emiliana Torrini. There was a playful atmosphere with performers and spectacles all around us, while at the side people gazed silently into the river. It felt like the final evening of Summer and it was magical. Watching Emiliana only compounded this feeling, telling us intimate stories inbetween the ethereal songs. I fell a little bit in love with her.

On Monday we both had the day off, and after spending a lot of the day in bed we walked along the canal marvelling at the surrounding buildings and the leaves falling from the trees. We ended the evening by having a drink and seeing the night descend outside. The next day it was gloomy and rained for hours. Truly, another chapter had opened.

I don’t know if I’m just too used to Scottish Summers, but I loved most everything about that one. It also marked my year anniversary with Rob – we celebrated by going to see ‘Dorian Gray’ (the Matthew Bourne piece and not the hilariously bad sounding new film) and wondering if all of the gays there went to see it because they like Bourne, like Wilde, like homoeroticism or all three.

My parents visit next week and want to take me and Rob out to dinner. This will be fun.

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