All domestic abuse deaths to have multi-agency review

It follows comments from Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer that teenage women are most at risk of abuse and more must be done to tackle it.

The unthinking rehabilitation of Chris Brown. The sniggering over kooky old Charlie Sheen. Songs with lines like “I knock her lights out and she still shine’ not only inspiring zero outrage in response, but becoming top ten hits on both sides of the Atlantic. Footballers who, at the age of 22, already have a long history of violence against women being signed in multi-million deals and inspiring reams of fawning coverage in the tabloids. Computer games with ‘babe-slapping’ modes.

This is the very real result of a popular culture that refuses to face up to domestic violence. The mass media continues to spend a vast amount of its time pushing sexism, misogyny and attacking feminism and then thinks they make up for it if they publish this story with a lurid headline about teenage victims (I’m looking at you, Daily Mail.)

The only way this is ever going to change, even slightly, is if we all accept responsibility. Accept responsibility for challenging the predominant culture around us, challenging the behaviour that we know is unacceptable, challenging the ideas that allow domestic violence to thrive. It’s up to us.

All domestic abuse deaths to have multi-agency review

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