Even catching the trailers for all of these ‘reality shows’ (a true perversion of the term if ever there was one) makes me feel like we’re living in the last days of Rome. Television devoid of any thought or merit whatsoever beyond purient voyeurism at truly horrible people. Ignorant, apolitical, greedy, amoral, superficial fame-hungry idiots with absolutely nothing to say and given an enormous platform on which to say it. It’s bad enough that one of the sole purposes of the shows seems to be so that we can all feel superior to what’s on screen; worse is that there seems to be an underlying encouragement to see these people as lovable, harmless folk who are ‘just like you’. A strained division, certainly, but one that obviously seems to work for many people.

I remember when Madonna was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame (whatever happened to that?) back in 2004, she said something along the lines of ‘I wanted to be famous because I had something to say and I wanted the world to hear it.” Now people have ‘something to say’ because they think it will help lead to fame. And that ‘something to say’ is incredibly banal – bitchy, rude, so-called ‘sassy’ remarks about nothing of importance whatsoever. Hell, WAGS are role-models compared to this lot – at least they had to *marry* someone famous.

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