Caitlin Moran

She teaches her daughters to pity the girls on MTV, and that there are consequences to dressing like them when you’re too young: “Even if you’re not getting raped, but you have some bloke who’s not listening to what you’re saying, he’s just looking at your legs – you don’t necessarily realise, when you’re still a little kid in your head, that that’s what’s happening. So, you know, you have the option to put your legs away and simply engage this person in conversation by smiling instead.” Having a cleaner is not anti-feminist, children do not have to be had, abortions do not have to be regretted, and “I don’t think that women being seen as inferior is a prejudice based on male hatred of women. When you look at history” – achievements in arts, science, exploration, for instance – “it’s a prejudice based on simple fact.”

– The Guardian interview

Whatever you think of these comments I know I’m not alone in thinking that, if certain ‘right-wing’ individuals had said much the same, they would have induced scorn and outrage rather than glowing reviews in The Guardian.

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