Britney Redux

I wrote about my problems with ‘Femme Fatale’ here . It’s interesting that the videos for the campaign have attempted to address this, suggesting that the people around Britney actually do get in some way that the only point to her in 2011 is as a self-referential cipher. It doesn’t quite work – while the music, imagery and Britney’s life all intertwined in ‘Blackout’ to provide a spectacular metanarrative about our modern fame culture, this just smacks of half-heartedly trying the same without any deeper grasp of what was going on. Perhaps the central problem is that, since ‘Circus’, Britney Inc have been at pains to paint her as a normal, balanced, down-to-earth ’girl’ and this has jarred with any snatched glimpses of her outwith that prism. This causes videos like this, which largely rely on her ‘mythology’ but also push this banal vision of her, to ultimately collapse under the tensions created.

She still sounds like a robot, though. We’ll always have that.

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