Doctor Who: Unanswered Questions

So with two episodes left of this season, we are still waiting to find out:

  • Who said ‘Silence will fall’ as the TARDIS was blowing up and trapped River inside it. Or indeed took River back to Amy Pond’s house.
  • What the deal with the Silence is anyway and why they’ve been mentioned since Prisoner Zero.
  • Why River was at Amy/Rory’s wedding.
  • For that matter, I still don’t get why Amy ‘remembering’ the Doctor brought him back from non-existence, but I imagine that’s something we’re just supposed to take at face value.
  • Who was trying to make a TARDIS in ‘The Lodger’.
  • Who the burn marks outside Amy Pond’s house belonged to.
  • All the business about the duck pond and Amy not remembering the Daleks etc. Unless we’re meant to just think they disappeared through cracks.
  • Why there was a future version of Amy and Rory standing on a hill in ‘The Hungry Earth.’
  • What the extra floor in Amy’s house is all about.
  • Who River is in jail for killing and who puts her there.
  • Why Rory keeps dying/almost dying.
  • What the deal with Amy is, how and why the ‘villain’ used her, the significance of her ‘waiting’ etc etc etc.
  • Why Rory and Amy haven’t once mentioned their daughter since ‘LKH’.
  • Who eyepatch lady is and who she’s working for.
  • What happened to ganger Doctor.
  • Why the Doctor sent out those invitations to his own death and why Canton got one.
  • Who is in the astronaut suit and what the deal with the suit is in the first place.
  • Why the Doctor has never let on that he knows he’s due to die and knows that Rory, River and Amy know.
  • Who River Song is to the Doctor.
  • The whole ‘this Doctor is 200 years in the future’ thing.
  • Given River thought David Tennant Doctor knew her, has she hung/does she hang around with loads of Doctors or just Matt Smith?


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