Doctor Who: Unanswered Questions Part 2

So after this, a few thoughts on the finale:

  • As plans go, ‘we’ll steal the Doctor’s companion’s baby, raise her to be a Doctor-hating killing machine, have her track down the Doctor and poison him but then realise she loves him and save him, then track her down years later, put her in a big spacesuit and force her to kill him against her will’ isn’t exactly up there with the Great Train Robbery. If she had to be forced, what was the point? What was the deal with the spacesuit anyway? What was ‘impossible’ about the astronaut? Why such a convoluted plan to kill the Doctor? And what was the deal with them kidnapping Amy? How? When? How did they even know she was pregnant when no-one else did?
  • What was the deal with the orphanage and the photos of Amy and Melody? 
  • What on earth was all of that business about the Doctor having 29 (or however long it was) minutes to live when he was poisoned, and re-appearing in a top hat and tails?
  • The Blue Head man knowing all about this plan and not mentioning it – ‘it was a busy day’ doesn’t really cut it. For that matter, River knowing *all* of this and not mentioning anything at any point, even when loads of people are dying?! And she scanned the Doctor after he was killed, didn’t she, and it seemed to be emphasised that she wouldn’t remember killing the Doctor. There was also the odd business where Canton emphasised that ‘that was most certainly the Doctor and he most certainly is dead.’ Moffat also said that – fair enough, he’d lie, but the entire marketing of the show’s launch was about the death and how it was a REAL NO GIMMICKS THIS CHARACTER IS DEFINITELY DEAD death. Clearly the Doctor wasn’t going to end but…ta da, it’s a spaceship Doctor! Really? REALLY?! He even started to regenerate and was killed again. They left the regeneration out of the finale, as if in acknowledgement that they’d just made it up as they went along.
  • And all of the business about it being a fixed point in time. Okay, we’ll accept that at face value and not question it. But it’s fixed by replacing the Doctor with a spaceship, when we’ve been told repeatedly that the Doctor has to die? And why does a SPACESHIP Doctor touching River fix everything? And why does spaceship Doctor marry River?
  • The Silence want the Doctor dead. Fair enough. But if his death is a fixed point in time, why did they (or whomever is behind them) bother trying to blow up the TARDIS last year? And why were they trying to destroy the entire universe last year?!
  • Rory dying all of the time is explained by him nearly dying in an alternate timeline which never happened? Eh?
  • And another reset finale? Didn’t RTF get royally crucified for those? But in his case, at least you vaguely cared about what was going on.
  • After all of the setting up of Madam Kovarian, she ultimately seemed rather pointless.

I know that Moffat is playing a ‘long game’ and (hopefully) it’s all building to something which we will be expected to go ‘OMGZ!’ at. But the internal logic of each season is all over the place and plot lines are riddled with holes and idiocy. Even a trio of pretty decent ‘standalone’ episodes in this season were ridiculously undermined by the ‘stolen Melody’ plot hanging over everything. The thought of this going on for another 2 years (assuming this is building up to the 50th anniversary) fills me with dread.

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