‘1979’ was the song that got me into Smashing Pumpkins. I bought the single in the ‘reduced’ bin when I went to buy Madonna’s dreadful ‘One More Chance’ single, only to find that John Menzies didn’t have it in stock yet. Those pre-mp3 and Amazon days when singles could be ‘out of stock’ and it would ruin your day! Except in this case it resulted in me finding a wonderful band. ‘1979’ came on my iPod at lunchtime and it sounds as sublime now as it ever did.

I can’t bring myself to go and see Billy Corgan and whomever he’s got in the band these days at their forthcoming London gig. By the end the band had collapsed under Billy’s ego and their ‘farewell’ gig at Glasgow SECC was utterly dreadful. We played ‘Paper/Scissor/Stone’ throughout.

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