Why Absolutely Fabulous now looks absolutely prescient

I found this article from earlier in the year while looking at reviews of yesterday’s television. It neatly sums up the weird experience that was watching last night’s ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. It’s been a long time since I watched the show but I remember that it became dreadful towards the end. I’d bet good money that this decline coincided with the characters’ transformation from vicious grotesques into cuddly, heartwarming icons. Or, as this column puts it, figures of aspiration. The ignorance, selfishness, shallowness and materialism that the show once tore apart are now embodied in two characters whom many in the audience speak wistfully of wanting to be. The point of the show once this has taken place seems lost. Amusingly, The Guardian’s review of the show today observes that the world it portrays doesn’t really exist in 2011. A night out in certain venues in East London would quickly disprove this notion. At one point this year I was surrounded by people who worked in PR who were boasting to all around that they had taken drugs in Lady Gaga’s bathroom. They really reminded me of Patsy and Edina. That wasn’t a good thing.

Why Absolutely Fabulous now looks absolutely prescient

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