Gareth Peirce writes about Torture, Secrecy and the British State

If we look carefully there is sufficient evidence that British foreign policy, and indeed its domestic policy, have for many years been conducted in a way that is in violation not only of our own law and of international law, but which, far worse, has led us to be complicit in torture and in the commission of internationally prohibited crimes against humanity. No more serious circumstance could come to pass.

This is lengthy but worth reading in full. I recommend Peirce’s book ‘Dispatches from the Dark Side’ which, as well as Britain’s complicity in torture, looks at the framing of al-Megrahi for Lockerbie, the British state’s treatment of Irish republicans and US atrocities like Guantanamo.

In a just world our media would have been doggedly pursuing British complicity in torture for years. Instead almost no-one is interested. During the Labour leadership election I had an argument with a David Miliband supporter who refused to conceive that the Labour government could have been even aware of torture. Her reason? Because David had said so.

Gareth Peirce writes about Torture, Secrecy and the British State


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