Where Kylie Is At

I found it a little odd when Popjustice observed that this video was a de facto history of the last 25 years of pop music and that Kylie has frequently been important in deciding where pop goes next. For all the wonderful pop music on show in this video, I think it largely shows Kylie doing what she does, whatever the current trends. Aside from that period, she’s never been particularly daring musically and clicking random points in this video is likely to bring up variations on a theme. Unfortunately it seems that she was so burned by the Deconstruction years that she’s largely played it safe ever since (with some notable exceptions like ‘Slow’ and ‘2 Hearts’).

It’s difficult to imagine a ‘manufactured’ pop star in 2012 taking such a radical detour as Kylie did with ‘Confide in Me’. There are many reasons for this but the inverted snobbery which many pop fans have is a big factor. In turning her back on PWL and signing to a self-consciously ‘cool’ label Kylie was implicitly making a judgement. She would be crucified for this today. 

I think it’s a great shame that Kylie, at age 43 and 25 years down the line, is putting out albums where she has a writing credit on 3 songs out of 12 and which involve about 20 different producers. It’s difficult to imagine where she goes with that template – when you’re a ‘pop legend’ who is competing for off-the-shelf songs with acts half your age, surely all that lies ahead are diminishing returns? It’s just insane that at this stage in her career there is still no such thing as an authentically ‘Kylie’ voice; no sense that she is doing something that only Kylie could do. Perhaps taking stock of her career with ‘K25’ will give her the confidence to truly put herself out there and make the brilliant, personal album which has so far eluded her.

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