An Open Letter to Rihanna: It’s Time to Talk That Talk

You know what would be really great? Billboard (if this news is confirmed) putting an editorial about it in the magazine, as opposed to just one feature amongst many of the website. I am really sick to death of music (and wider entertainment) magazines, sites, blogs, thinking that they exist in a vacuum and thinking there is no implication to featuring the latest Chris Brown video because they ‘don’t make judgements’ or they’re ‘not involved in politics’ or they’re ‘just doing their job’. It’s all utter bullshit. These are choices and every choice we make means something – maybe not something huge, but it means something. We all write about music and pop culture because we love it and because we’re a part of it. As such, we all have a relationship with it and we all have something to say. I had an argument with the editor of a (dreadful, admittedly) music website last year as he reprinted without edit or comment a Chris Brown PR piece (with all the hyperbole that entails) as a ‘news item’. He kept saying that he made no judgements on the press releases that were submitted to him. When I asked if he would have reprinted a Gary Glitter praisefest in full, he suddenly left the conversation and blocked me. Which says everything, really.

An Open Letter to Rihanna: It’s Time to Talk That Talk

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