Kylie AntiTour Playlist

I must admit, I was already getting rather bored of the ‘K25’ concept. The whole thing seemed a bit…cheap. For a while now it’s seemed like Kylie was heading down a Las Vegas route where she basks in ‘being Kylie’ and plays to the faithful. Launching your own celebration of your own 25 years in pop kinda seems in that vein. I was trying to think of other acts who’ve done similar and the only one that easily came to mind was Janet Jackson with ‘20YO’, though even that was marking the anniversary of a particular album and not an entire career. ‘20YO’ did, however, undoubtedly come from some desperation and confusion as to exactly where Janet fitted into the current pop scene and it’s been hard to shake the impression that this is where Kylie is currently at.

Today’s announcement of a long-rumoured’ Anti-Tour’ consisting of ‘b-sides, demos and rarities’ has made me reconsider. Perhaps with K25 she is showing that she is not only completely at ease with her past but subtly repositioning herself for a future where she again takes risks and, finally, fully lets her listeners inside. Fingers crossed. More than anything I would love Kylie to make that one career-defining album of brilliance that I think has so far eluded her.

It’ll certainly be an oddity to see a Kylie concert which doesn’t consist of high-camp production values and pandering to her gay audience (I’m just assuming, here!) but, most of all, it will be a delight to hear some of her lesser known treasures. I’ve put some of these in this playlist – obviously constrained by what’s on Spotify, but I’m not one of those who think there are lost gems on her early albums (I think the PWL albums are all dreadful) so it’s not a massive loss.

Kylie AntiTour Playlist

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