The Real Best Ofs

Q Magazine this month has a feature on ‘the real best of’ various classic artists. The tagline is ‘forget the greatest hits’ and each artist has a little essay devoted to them by a writer who is ostensibly a fan. The idea is, I suppose, that these fans can give a passionate insight into the ‘hidden treasures’ in each artist’s back catalogue. The execution is rather awry – while some writers do indeed highlight album tracks or obscure b-sides which will be unfamiliar to casual listeners, others pepper lesser-known singles next to the usual big hits. Others still are clearly not particularly interested in the artist assigned to them.

No hardcore fan would ever agree with such a list as compiled by another. I think such lists are pointless, however, if they include the big hits. Anyone interested surely already knows them, and most of the artists are so massive that many of these songs have penetrated our consciousness whether we like it or not. With that in mind, I present my own ‘obscurities’ lists for Madonna/Bowie/Manics (and Prince, who was oddly missed out by Q), taking into account the limits imposed by the Spotify catalogue. The only criteria was – no big hits and about an hour of music.

The Q Madonna list:
Into The Groove
Live To Tell
Oh Father
Justify My Love
Deeper and Deeper
I Want You
Don’t Tell Me
Hung Up (SDP Extended Vocal)

My Madonna Spotify List 

The Q Bowie List:
Space Oddity
The Man Who Sold The World
Life on Mars?
The Bewley Brothers
All The Young Dudes
Always Crashing in the Same Car
Ashes to Ashes
Teenage Wildlife

My David Bowie Spotify Playlist 

The Q Manics List:
Motown Junk
Motorcycle Emptiness
Comfort Comes
A Design For Life
Judge Yr’self
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
All Is Vanity

My Manic Street Preachers Spotify Playlist 

My Prince Spotify Playlist

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