Rihanna – Unapologetic

These songs and the flirtation with dangerous men as some kind of transgressive thrill completely poison the record. The reggae confection of No Love Allowed finds Rihanna singing ‘I was flying til you knocked me to the floor’ and declaring that ‘this man, he’s the one I’d die for’. Numb features the return of Eminem, who drops a reference to Love the Way You Lie before boasting that ‘the odds are imma end up in the back of a squad car by the end of tonight’ while Rihanna blankly sings a refrain of ‘I’m going numb’. This sense of emotional trauma displays itself in a different way in the obnoxious Pour It Up, where Rihanna has ‘money on my mind’, only sees ‘dollar signs’ and offers the charming lyric ‘Mens make your girl go down and I’ve still got my money’. 

Rihanna – Unapologetic

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