Tulisa – The Female Boss

…Further following in the footsteps of Cheryl, this is truly wretched pop which exists only as an extension of a television personality. Clocking in at an inexplicably-lengthy 16 tracks, The Female Boss is more endurance test than anything else, with the strong sense of ‘will this do?’ The album begins hilariously, with Tulisa delivering self-help guff about “inner beauty” over a portentous piano backing before the climactic line: “She is (lengthy dramatic pause) A FEMALE BOSS.” If such stabs at feminist sentiment are typical of many current female pop-stars, it’s still depressing that this female boss suffers from a paucity of imagination and ambition. Her feminism somewhat predictably manifests itself as a series of familiar songs about cheating boyfriends, having lots of money and going out a lot. It’s difficult to fathom how Tyga’s turn on the grim Live It Up, wherein he boasts of “big titty girlfriends” and having “two by the leg, two bitches by the head”, fits into all this.

Tulisa – The Female Boss

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