Kelly Clarkson – Greatest Hits: Chapter One

The lack of chronology on the album highlights how consistently strong Clarkson’s material has been: this year’s empowerment smash Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) sits easily alongside 2003’s Miss Independent (co-written by Christina Aguilera) both sonically and thematically, while the infectious dynamism of Mr Know It All recalls Breakaway’s snappy Walk Away. On the other hand, it also highlights how little Clarkson’s sound has developed in the past decade. An unfair criticism perhaps – Clarkson certainly found a voice far more quickly than could perhaps have been expected – but the three new songs here certainly don’t re-invent the wheel. Perhaps they don’t have to – however much the pop world has changed in the period covered by Chapter One, the album is a testament to the fact that beneath the videos, the dance routines, the social media and all the other glitz and glam that make up the pop world, you cannot beat the enduring appeal of a great song performed by a charismatic, talented artist. 

Full review up at MusicOMH.

Kelly Clarkson – Greatest Hits: Chapter One

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