Plan B @ O2 Arena, London

There is a memorable landscape shot of the former Millennium Dome in Plan B’s Ill Manors, where the massive structure built under Tony Blair’s government to mark the year 2000 represents a London completely alien to the desperate and sometimes depraved characters who populate the gangland culture depicted  in the film.

Set in Plan B’s own birth place of Forest Gate, last year’s film (which was actually well under way by the time of the 2011 riots) highlights the chasm of inequalities which exist in the UK’s capital city, depicting a disparate group of people in a desolate London completely untouched by glittering events such as the Olympics.

While Plan B has gone to pains to emphasise that the film isn’t autobiographical, it’s clear that it was at least heavily informed by his personal experience and observations. There is no little power, then, in him bringing his tour promoting the film’s accompanying soundtrack album to the O2 Arena, housed of course within the aforementioned Dome. 

Review at link above.

Plan B @ O2 Arena, London

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