Petula Clark – Lost In You

The fact that Clark has been in the entertainment industry since 1942 and recording since 1949 is mind-boggling and this longevity, which has seen her sell close to 70 million records, demands our respect. However respect doesn’t ensure good music and in a career which has (it’s safe to say) had its peaks and troughs it’s difficult to anticipate what the now-80 year-old Clark would offer. We need only look to her peers Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones, however, to see that broadly-speaking there have been four paths laid out for veteran singers once their greatest successes are behind them: record cover versions; re-interpret the classic hits; self-consciously go ‘back to basics’ and play to your strengths or, most strikingly, go for broke and completely overhaul your sound in line with current trends. In a cheeky hedging of bets, Lost In You finds Clark doing all four.

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Petula Clark – Lost In You

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