Beyonce – O2 Arena, London

Such fiery energy would be unsustainable but it’s still a surprise when the third song is the insipid Flaws & All, a B’Day deluxe track which no-one needs to hear again. Nonetheless its ‘I’m just like you, really!’ sophistry is met with wild appreciation – at one point Beyoncé shakes her toned arm as if she has bingo wings and it almost seems like some people are going to pass out with happiness. It highlights one of the central contradictions of Beyoncé as an artist – she is insanely talented and has enough charisma to fuel a nuclear bomb yet she clearly also has an ego to match and the tension between this and her everywoman shtick is fascinating to watch. At one point towards the end of the concert we are treated to a montage of Beyoncé’s life to the strains of I Was Here – images of Beyoncé with the President, Beyoncé doing charity work, Beyoncé with superstar husbandJay-Z, Beyoncé on holiday, Beyoncé at the Super Bowl. It says absolutely nothing other than ‘look at how great I am’ and it’s almost impossible to think of another pop superstar who would be indulged in this, yet once again it finds a hysterically grateful audience here.

My review of Beyonce up at the usual place.

Beyonce – O2 Arena, London

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