Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Collider abruptly fizzles out and leaves the first period of silence on the album. Abandon Window is the calm after the storm, its ambient piano recalling Diamond Mine and indicating the comedown which inevitably follows impossible highs. This is made explicit in Sun Harmonics, the longest track on the album. The beats here are crisp and clean rather than brutal and the track’s unfolding dynamics do indeed suggest a sun rising and the transformative power it has on the world. Who hasn’t had one of those moments, heading home from a life-affirming evening and feeling intense joy as the sun reclaims the world from its darkness? Such overpowering emotion is encapsulated in the closing title track, which sees the return of King Creosote. A moving, persuasive piano line plays against what sounds almost like the noise of a train while King Creosote sings undecipherable sounds; it’s strangely yet incredibly moving.

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Jon Hopkins – Immunity

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