Wild Is The Wind

FAR BE IT FROM ME to join in with the Moran bashing (and God knows this isn’t important) but as a massive Bowie fan I found this pretty incredible. All props for identifying and posting the original article go to the brilliant Bowiesongs, which you should definitely check out.

When Bowie made his surprise comeback earlier this year, Times journalist Caitlin Moran was perhaps the ‘high-profile’ personality most vocal in her jubilant excitement. She wrote about it a lot. An awful lot. A small selection:

You can find more here, which is how I found the links (lest anyone think I obsessively pored over this for days).

Now…check out this at Bowiesongs. Reproduced below:

It’s a piece written by Moran for Bowie’s 50th birthday in 1997. I know, I know, you’re thinking ‘oh well opinions change!’ But read it. It’s not the work of a big fan who thinks he’s going through a fallow period. It’s a demolition piece. She calls him ‘embarrassing’, incapable of ‘a good album’, compares him to ‘Michael Bolton’, complains that her generation didn’t have him in the ‘halfway decent years’. All of this, incidentally, about a period which is probably Bowie’s most interesting after the 70s. I got into Bowie with 1.Outside when I was 15. I found it thrilling and it led me on a journey which forever changed how I thought of pop music. I didn’t wish I’d been around in the 70s to hear Bowie at his ‘peak’ – he spoke to me compellingly enough with what he was doing in the present. It’s a sure sign of a Bowie pretender that they lazily dismiss his 90s work/’later period’…even more so if they only paid the slightest attention again when it was acceptable to do so (ie when he self-consciously became an ‘elder statesman’ and started recording albums which deliberately harked back to what these folk consider his glory days – the cover of ‘Hours…’ announces this period by depicting Bowie cradling his Earthling persona.) 

The bit I find most hilarious is when she complains of ‘music journalists (who), on spotting the name “David Bowie” on a new album, listen to it with rose-tinted ears’. Um:

That, folks, is what you call ‘a hack’.

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