Fittingly, the album has been crowdfunded by fans through the Pledgemusic website, a neat way of sidestepping the problem of reaching a wider audience. A problem this certainly would be: the album is a sparse, dark affair largely consisting of Rossiter’s tremulous vocals over a piano and little else. Little known Gene b-side Drawn To The Deep End is a clear precursor both musically and thematically, its plaintive couplet “the town boys roaring by, sometimes I wanna die” fitting an album which had the working title of Songs To Make Grown Men Cry. It should be obvious, then, that we’re a long way from snappy Gene anthems like Fighting Fit and As Good As It Gets. This may sound like a slog but, happily, the album is a revelation which succeeds due in no small part to it compelling melodies and Rossiter’s own vocals, as strong as they ever have been. 

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Martin Rossiter – The Defenestration Of Saint Martin