This article is truly dreadful. Its entire argument is ‘A song I love hasn’t done well – POP MUSIC IS DYING!’ The suggestion that the rise of ‘sub-genres’ is killing ‘pop’ as a genre is just staggeringly silly and ignorant of the past 50 years, where ‘pop’ has magnificently mixed, co-opted and pushed other genres. While a restless musical force like Bowie may be primarily identified as ‘rock’, he helped birth undeniably pop artists such as Prince and Madonna who have skipped around genres joyfully.

Pop music isn’t dying – this is the sound of a pop that is free to be anything. Coldplay’s new single is pop. Katy B is pop. Pitbull is pop. Bruno Mars is pop. Nicki Minaj is pop.

Nicola Roberts is a bit of a dim girl with a mediocre voice who suddenly decided she was leftfield. People don’t seem to have fallen for it. That, to me, is cause for celebration.

Can pop music survive?

Nicola Roberts

I really, really do not understand the hold that Nicola Roberts has over a large chunk of teh gayz. She seems to be a moderately talented, moderately attractive, hideously stupid, right-wing…person. Yet she’s written about as if she’s Bjork, with words like ‘strange’, ‘leftfield’ and ‘alien’ being chucked around and a general consensus that she is a Good Thing. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!