My Songs and Albums of 2017

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Recycle, regurgitate, remember

I was going to write about nostalgia, irony and the PWL concert/Steps/S Club 7 etc reunions but why reinvent the wheel? Much of what I was thinking is expressed in this chat with @wotyougot (in italics). Of course there’s much more to be said, not least getting into acts like Pulp and Suede doing the same nostalgia circuit without producing new material but, perhaps, without the same painful undermining of what they are as they do so. (I have no problem with people loving PWL etc, incidentally, I just wish people could engage with that love sincerely and not in a ‘lol this is all a bit naff and embarrassing’ way.)

Just seen the PWL concert. The line-up is made up of acts you appreciate  hearing  (once every few years) via a Now compilation. Not spending a day, seeing live, in Hyde Park. 

This re-hashing the past needs to stop – Too many trying to capitalise from nostalgia.

Indeed, the PWL concert is actually quite hateful I think. It’s one of those things I’m always banging on about, the hateful attitude to pop that develops as opposition to the ‘real music’ rock thing, which leads to people semi-ironically celebrating such ephemeral (and in some cases downright terrible) acts.

What I find funny is that because it’s entirely about nostalgia and celebrating trash, no-one will  complain about it or they’d be told ‘don’t take it so seriously babes’. Yet folk will happily complain about Madonna the week after cos she’s still taking her work seriously.

Last night  I was thinking about how much our present is based on putting a price tag on nostalgia and exploiting the past. They’ve just announced a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film re-boost. Urgh. I was obsessed with that show as a teen and welcomed the three movies that followed and a few years ago the animated one, but that’s enough. To bring it back now, and apparently it’s themed around the idea that they’re actually aliens and mutants, is just wrong. Why not set up a new film based on a similar premise and have some confidence in a new idea rather than exploiting a brand of the past and using nostalgia as the selling point?

I understand the hypocrisy I may display considering the joy I share about a new SATC film, but even there I can see they’ve gone too far and simply want them to do a SATC3 cause, even though I appreciated the second one, I don’t want that to be the end of that. 

To do a PWL concert is just stupid. And spot on there with peeps saying ‘serious babes’ etc. 

How about we start celebrating the future and new ideas please !

It’s been happening for a while ie pointless remakes of films like ‘Halloween’ and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ and ‘Arthur’. I was talking to Rob about ‘Short Circuit’ the other day and then I thought how weird it was that they haven’t remade it yet! There’s a lot of thought out there about how culture recycles and regurgitates itself more and more as it hurtles towards a cliff edge and this is inextricably linked to the cynical, sarcastic, superficial mode of engagement that most people have with culture (and with each other!)

When I looked at FB this morning I saw the usual sarcastic, ‘humorous’ comments about everything and anything that’s happening in pop culture and I felt a flash of anger that this is what we’re doing to ourselves. Do you notice how striking it is nowadays when you see someone expressing a sincere, deep love for something and not undermining it/their love for it as soon as they’ve expressed the sentiment? 

I think a new TMNT film would be fine – they’re characters in the same way as Dracula or werewolves or whatever – but do something interesting with them, relevant to 2012. Don’t do yet another bloody ‘reboot’. That’s what was good about the animated film a few years ago. I find the new ‘Spiderman’ film so depressing – rebooting a franchise only a few years after the last film?! And there’s talk of them rebooting Batman already as ‘The Dark Knight’ is the final Christian Bale film. So idiotic and entirely about money. Credit the audience with the intelligence to not need to be told an ‘origin’ story yet again.