Yet if the album is a testament to the power of Kylie’s past, it poses curious questions about her future. The solitary ‘new’ song here is a recording of Flower, written during 2007’s X sessions but only previously aired on the X2008 tour. Musically its dreamy piano riff is no great innovation yet its lyrics (apparently about Kylie’s yearning for a child) offer an all-too-rare glimpse into the inner-life of Kylie as an artist in her 40s. As a song which is inescapably Kylie it is (excuse the pun) light years ahead of much of the electro-pop that has made up her albums since Fever conquered the world back in 2001. It teases a creativity last given free rein on the commercial bomb that was Impossible Princess and only sporadically seen since.

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Kylie Minogue – The Abbey Road Sessions